Window Frames winter maintenance

from 12,00 /frame

The maintenance takes place twice during wintertime for the period October 15th – April 15th and it includes: (i) frames checking, (ii) hinges lubrication, (iii) mechanisms adjusting.

Window Frames winter maintenance:

Window frames is a part around the house that does not get the attention and checking that it needs. As a result in houses, which remain closed for monthly-long periods, window frames present issues of malfunction when time comes to use them daily. Adding to that, the humidity factor and the house situated close to the sea, new window frames can also turn problematic once you need them to work properly.

Even a basic check will prevent you from encountering such issues. This check is mostly needed during winter when temperatures drop, humidity rises and the winds get stronger.

A trusted professional will visit your property at a date agreed between you and House Solutions, and will check, lubricate and regulate the hinges and the mechanisms of your French doors, balcony and window frames.