Laundry Service

7,00 /kg

The rate applies for washing, drying, ironing of linen (e.g. sheets, towels, pillow cases etc.) and casual clothes.

In cases of clothes in need of special treatment such as dry cleaning, extra charges may apply.

Clothes & Linen Laundry Service:

Whether you need washing of your sheets and towels following your guests’ departure or your own clothes cleaned and pressed, all you have to do is let us know. We will pick up your laundry and drop it off at your doorstep at your convenience.

Scheduled pick up-expert laundry service-home delivery

5 Reasons for choosing delivery laundry service:

More economical: Charging by the weight and not by the item can be cost effective. You will save money by ordering this service especially for large linen amounts. Your clothes will be washed by prime quality detergents.

More convenient: You can save yourself a lot of trouble by having your laundry work completed by our team. Feel carefree and limit stress by just scheduling with us delivery laundry!

Less time-consuming: House Solutions team will not only collect your laundry and clean it. We will also fold it and deliver to your home! Save time by not driving and transferring on your own the laundry work. Instead, devote some time to yourself!

More reliable: Our housekeeping staff pays close attention to ensure effective linen inventory. We make a list of your laundry items upon the collection, we make a record of them and we count again prior to their delivery. We refund you for any loss!

Less stressful: Expecting guests at your property makes you concerned of everything to be in running order. Would it ease your worries if your linens and towels are already clean and available for use?

Laundry delivered to your door smelling fresh and neatly packaged!