Basic cleaning services of interior spaces

12,00 /hour

Minimum cleaning time depends on property size and surface. Cleaning products are included in the rate.

Basic Cleaning Services:

Our House Solutions Housekeepers team will clean the interior spaces of your property in preparation for your arrival and will freshen it up throughout the year, using high quality professional products safe even for the most sensitive surfaces and environmentally-friendly.We can provide you custom made cleaning services corresponding to your villa’s needs such as:

Daily maid service

If you accommodate guests during summer months in Mykonos, book this service with our experienced housekeeping team. We will clean and tidy your home on a daily basis ensuring cleanliness and hygiene during their stay.

Arrival and Departure cleaning

Expecting guests at your home means that you have to prepare your house’s areas with attention to detail and create the impression that no one ever stayed before. Get in touch with us so as to get rid of this time consuming part and rely on our professional and productive team.

General Cleaning services

Deep cleaning during autumn is advisable for the house’s best maintenance. After a villa’s busy operation during summer season, there are several household chores required. Let us keep your home tidy and well maintained for the winter. Then welcome the new season with a spring cleaning which will freshen the face of your home.

After construction/renovation cleaning

When moving in or out a house, the last thing that anyone wants to do is clean. Give us a call and our maids will immediately take care of your property. Recommendable service even when renovations and any other maintenance works take place.

After event cleaning

When you have already enjoyed yourself at a party, why should you deal with your home’s cleaning? Make an appointment with us and we will soon make your place look spotless!