Basic cleaning services of exterior spaces

12,00 /hour

Minimum cleaning time depends on property size and surface. Cleaning products are included in the rate.

Basic Cleaning Services:

Our House Solutions team will clean the outdoor areas of your property in preparation for your arrival and will freshen it up throughout the year, using high quality professional products safe even for the most sensitive surfaces and environmentally-friendly.

Basic Cleaning Services Importance:

House Solutions maids team can be the life blood of your villas-and responsible for those all-important first impressions (cleanliness and order, upkeep and maintenance).

At Mykonos, it’s recommendable to take care of the outdoor spaces on a daily basis during the summer period as the weather is usually windy. Your property’s patios, deck, yard and barbeque area will look more inviting, clean and tidy. As property managers, we must keep outdoor spaces looking fresh, too, to attract—and retain—residents. And that means year-round: Renters want exterior spots to appear as vibrant in September as they were in May.

Our cleaning crew will diligently take care of the following activities:

  • Cleaning of windows, doors, shutters
  • Shiny surfaces, veranda’s furniture, sunbeds, umbrellas, barbeque
  • Sweeping and mopping floors and stairs
  • Cleaning of roofs, arbors, external lighting, fence
  • Garbage discharge